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17. Production of the tool according to drawings of the customer
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The main objective of the industry consists in expansion and improvement of industrial base, increase of a technological level and production efficiency, radical improvement of quality of production. Modern machine-building production is equipped with the automated machines with program...
Group: Cutting tool
The car charger for JSB INTERTOOL AT-3015 Intertool
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1416.92 UAH
The AT-3015 INTERTOOL charger is intended for charging of rechargeable batteries of 12 V and 24 V with a capacity up to 250 of Ach. It is possible to charge with this charger rechargeable batteries both cars, and cargo. On cargo vehicles rechargeable batteries on 24B are more often used. The...
Group: Charger devices
Air 1/2 preparation block" INTERTOOL PT-1430 Intertool
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506.52 UAH
Guarantee6 monthsTypeair preparation blockPressure regulator0-12 atmDiameter of a hose8-12 mmAir consumptionto 1200 l/minThe recommended oilISO VG 32Temperature of the external environment5-60 hail.Diameter of a carving1/2"Weight1,000 kgVolume0,003319 cbm
Group: Devices of clearing and preparation of compressed air
Drill of SDS PLUS S4 QUADRO of 10x260 mm of INTERTOOL SDQ-1026 Intertool
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28 UAH
Shaft length50 mmLength of a working part180 mmFastening typeSDS PlusDiameter of a drill10 mmDrill length260 mmApplicationfor a brick and concreteWeight0,093 kgVolume0,000080 cbm
Group: Drills
The hydraulic valve 6 34 B24 BOSCH on VSETOOLS.COM.UA 019219
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1725 UAH
VVG 3х35+1х16 1 cable of kV
Group: Hydroallocators
The nanometer hydraulic valve BE 10 24 B220 on VSETOOLS.COM.UA 010138
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2415 UAH
VVG 3х35+1х16 1 cable of kV
Group: Hydroallocators
Disk saw on a tree with hard-alloy napayka of 125x22x1,4 mm; 30 teeths of INTERTOOL CT-3013 Inter
In stock 
34.04 UAH
The disk saw on a tree of INTERTOOL CT 3013 is calculated on work as Bulgarians (UShM), and also circular saws. Thanks to use of qualitative tool steel and high-precision solder of teeths, such disks differ in high operational rates. Teeths – made of extremely solid alloy with exact...
Group: Sawing disks
Kraskoraspylitel HP BRONZE PROF of 1,5 mm, top plastic tank of 600 ml, three adjustments of INTERTOOL PT-0113
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608.47 UAH
The painting PT-0113 gun — the excellent assistant in work with LKM of various types. This pneumatic airbrush is made on NR technology (High Pressure). Its working pressure — to 5 Atm. Thanks to the high speed of an air stream the impressive speed of a covering of a surface is provided. He...
Group: Air brush
Grid of abrasive 105x280 mm, K80, 10 units of INTERTOOL KT-6008 Intertool
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22.98 UAH
Sizes280x105 mmGranularityK80Quantity in packing10 piecesWeight0,196 kgVolume0,000396 cbm
Group: Abrasive meshs
The cloth saw for a fret saw working length is 75 mm, distance between teeths of 4,0 mm for work on Dera of SD-6005
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30.21 UAH
The saw cloth on a tree of SD-6005 is intended for work with an electric fret saw. Working length of a cloth makes 75 mm, and its total length is equal to 100 mm. The step of tooth of a cloth makes 4 mm. Cloths in number of 5 units are completed in cardboard packing.ApplicationtreeTotal length100...
Group: Blade
Jack column of dvukhshtokovy 4 t of INTERTOOL GT0032 Intertool
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557.83 UAH
The jack hydraulic dvukhshtokovy is intended for a raising of automobile vehicles, SUVs, small cargo cars and freights with a gross weight no more than 4 tons. The gap between a jack and freight can be compensated by the lengthening (superlinear) screw. Hydraulic jacks are in great demand owing to...
Group: Lifting jacks
Hard-alloy the tool 04112-080400 on VSETOOLS.COM.UA 004934
In stock 
37.50 UAH
VVG 3х35+1х16 1 cable of kV
Group: Hard-alloy many-sided plates


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